Upload to the Blobbert.io

Navigate through these docs to learn how the implement the CodeChangers io Game Library

In order to see your project in action and to test it out you need to upload it to a server.

We built a website to help you upload your code. You can access the website at Blobbert.io

  1. Create an account at Blobbert.io

  2. Click New Game

  3. Enter your name. Under “type” select “Default Template”

    When you name your project it needs to be all lower case letters, no numbers, no symbols, no spaces.

  4. On Code File upload the zipped file that you downloaded from Repl.it.

  5. Now Click play, Even though your game has been added, the server has to be built, this process can take up to a minute. First, the server downloads the code, then it builds the code so it can run the game, then it sets up the project onto a url so it can connect to the game that is running. After, that you (and your friends) are able to connect into your game and play it!

    If you see an error you on your url refresh the screen periodically until the full build process is complete.

  6. Here are the error codes that you will commonly find and here is how you should respond:

Game Not Found

This will show up immediately after you create your game. It should take somewhere from 10 - 15 minutes for this to go away. After 15 minutes have passed, if this error is still present you should ask for help.

Cannot GET /

This is the first error you will usually see, this just means your game is still being built on the server. If a few minutes has gone by, then you can assume that there is an error in your code that does not cause the server to crash.


You will usually see this after the game is being built, but before it’s active on your url, you should only see this error for a couple of seconds. Refresh a couple times and it should be fixed. If you see this error for an extended period of time, it usually means there is an error in your code. You can restart your game on blobbert.io to double check if it is a code error. You will be able to tell, because if your game crashes again, then it is most likely a code error.


If you see this, contact us immediately, this means that there is an error with the io platform and it is an easy fix!

If you need help don’t be afraid to contact us!

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