Add HowTo Screen

Learn how to make a super cool zombie game

1. In game.js, create a howTo screen in the create() function.

	g.useHowToScreen('How to play', {
		'Move Mouse': 'To aim at the zombies',
		'Click Mouse': 'To shoot at the zombies'
	}, {
		'Blobbert': 'Planning/Coding/Fixing',  // Put your team members names
		'Grunch': 'Coding/Testing/Fixing',     // and what jobs you did, down
		'Nimbo': 'Planning/Designing/Testing', // here in the credits!
		// You can find a list of jobs on your handout!

When you write yours, you will need to keep adding to your list of controls, and your contributors until you have added everything needed for your game.

Download your zip, and upload it to, and you should have a background!

Set Players Rotation
Create a Scoreboard

Need Help?

Proofread your code, check with your team and classmates, and if you’re still stuck!

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