Setup Login Screen

Learn how to make a super cool zombie game

1. In game.js, delete g.connect(); and replace it with login screen code.

	g.useLoginScreen(name => g.connect ({name}), 'Zombies', 'Username', 'Start!');

2. In room.js, add this code to the bottom of your onJoin() function to customize the login screen.

	g.attachTo('players', client.sessionId, {  
		name: 'nameTag',
		x: -50,
		y: -60,
		type: 'text',

3. In room.js, Delete the existing createACharacter() function and replace it with a new one!

	g.createACharacter('players', client.sessionId, { x: 200, y: 200, score: 0, });

Download your zip, and upload it to, and you should have a background!

Setup Bullets
Set Players Rotation

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