Add Scoring A Goal

Learn how to create an awesome online soccer game!

1. In room.js, Add data to the players.

	g.createACharacter('players', client.sessionId,
		{, x, y, score: 0, lives: 3, block3s: 0, block5s: 0 });

This data sets your players lives that they start with, and blocks that they start with.

2. In room.js, Add the kicker.

		kicker: '',

3. In room.js, Add this code to know who kicked the ball last.

		ball.kicker =;

4. In room.js, Add this code so we can update the lives and scores when a goal is made.

		g.handleCollision('goals', 'soccerBalls', (goal, ball) => {
		if (ball.kicker !== {
			g.getACharacter('players', ball.kicker).score += 1;
			g.getACharacter('players', -= 1;
			setTimeout(() => this.addABall(), 3000);

5. In game.js Add a check so we know if the game is over.

	() => {},
	(id, attr, value) => {
		if (id === g.myId() && attr === 'lives' && value <= 0) {

Download your zip, and upload it to, and you should be able to score goals!

Adding Kicking
Add Blocks

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