New Character Set

Learn how to add a new set of characters to your game.

1. Uploading an image

First, we need to upload a new image to use for the new character set. To do this we will go into the preload method in game.js and add a new image named after the new character set.

preload() {
	g.loadImage("zombies", "zombie.png");

2. Adding the Character

Now we need to add the character to the room.js and game.js files. In the room.js file we need to put the setupCharacters function in the onInit method.

onInit() {

Then, in the game.js file we need to put the addCharacters function in the init method. If you want to change the size of your character you can do this in the addCharacters function by adding another parameter. ie. addCharacters('players', 0.5), the lower the number the smaller your character will be: 0.5 would be half size, 2 would be twice as big.

init() {

And the getCharacters function in the create method.

create() {

3. Creating the Character

Now you can use the createACharacter function in room.js file to create the new character wherever it is needed. In this example the new character will be created near the top left of the screen and will be created as soon as the game starts. To do this the createACharacter will be placed in the room.js file in the onInit method.

onInit() {
	g.createACharacter("zombies", g.nextCharacterId("zombies"), {x: 20, y: 20});

The X and Y values can be changed to position the character anywhere in the game.

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