Add Resources

Learn how to add resources to your game.

1. Uploading an image

Resources are for the players to be able to collect different resources in order to use or unlock certain items in the game. In order to create a resource we will start in the game.js file by uploading the image for our resource with the loadImage function. This will be done in the preload method.

preload() {
	g.loadImage("trees", "tree.png");

2. Adding the resource

Now we need to add the resource to the room.js and game.js files. In the room.js file we need to put the setupResources function in the onInit method.

onInit() {

Then, in the game.js file we need to put the addResources function in the init method.

init() {

And the getResources function in the create method.

create() {

3. Creating the Resources

Now you can use the createAResource function in room.js file to create the new resource or the createResources function to create many resources randomly across the map. To do this the createResources or createAResource functions will be placed anywhere in the room.js file. In this example the new resources will be created as soon as the game starts. in the onInit method.

onInit() {
	g.createResources("trees", 50);

This will create 50 trees randomly across your game board.

4. Using Resources

The main difference between resources and characters is you will be able to collect the resources and can use them for a store or as an item that they can place to build things. To do this you can follow the setup Item tutorial and the use Item tutorial for how to make items to go with your resources.

They can also be used in the store as resources you need to buy a certain item which can be seen in the add a Store tutorial.

In order for each player to keep track of its resources you will have to add or subtract from their resources which can be done at any time in the room.js file.

player['trees'] += 1;

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