Add a Store

Learn how to add a store interface for buying in-game items.

1. Show the store

In order to create a store for your game you will have to put all of the items in the store with the useStore function in the game.js file in the create method. In here you will make a list of items that you want in your store that the players can buy.

// Click on: code > client > src > game.js

create() {
	// You might have some other code here.
	// Add this new code below your other code:
	g.useStore('Super Store', [
		new g.StoreItem(	// Your first item.
			'ant.png',			// The image for your item.
			'Little Ant',		// The name of your item.
			'Food',					// Name of the payment.
			10,							// How much it costs.
			'littleAnt'			// The action used to purchase.
		new g.StoreItem( // Your second item.
	// End of the new code.

In each store item you will give the image name, item name, money or resource they need to buy it, price or how much, and the action that will happen if they buy it.

2. Opening and closing the store

Now that we have all of the items we want in our store we will have to open, close, and unlock the store with the toggleStore function and the unlockStore function. Again inside the game.js file in the update method for this example we are going to toggle it on and off with the tab key.

// Click on: code > client > src > game.js

update() {
	// You might have some other code here.
	// Add this new code below your other code:
	if (g.canSend()) {
		const { tab } = g.getKeysDown();
		if (tab) g.toggleStore();
		else g.unlockStore();
	// End of the new code.

This will make the store open and close when the tab key is pressed as long as you add the tab key into your keys.

3. Adding the item when bought

At this point we can use the action you added in the StoreItem object to add the item that you bought to your item bar.

Note: if you haven’t made an item bar yet checkout the setup items tutorial.

We will do this in the onMessage method in the room.js file with the purchase function.

// Click on: code > server > rooms > room.js

onMessage(client, data) {
	// There is probably some code up here.
	const actions = {
		// There might be a little bit more code here.
		// Don't forget to add a comma at the end.
		// Add this new code here:
		littleAnt: () => {
			let prevItems = player['ants'];	
			g.purchase(player, 'score', 5, 'ants');
			if (!prevItems) {
				player['ants'] = 1;
				g.addItemToCharacter(player, 'ants', 1);
			} else  if (prevItems < player['ants']) {
				player.items.ants.uses += 1;
			} else {
				// Not enough money.
		star: () => g.purchase(player, 'score', 15, 'stars'),
		// End of the new code.

The littleAnt action will now add the ant to their hot bar and give them one more use each time they buy it. As long as you have already created the item with createNewItem function.

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