Here is a reference guide on how to implement different keys into your game.

Key Name Key Code Symbol
a keyCodes.A  
b keyCodes.B  
c keyCodes.C  
d keyCodes.D  
e keyCodes.E  
f keyCodes.F  
g keyCodes.G  
h keyCodes.H  
i keyCodes.I  
j keyCodes.J  
k keyCodes.K  
l keyCodes.L  
m keyCodes.M  
n keyCodes.N  
o keyCodes.O  
p keyCodes.P  
q keyCodes.Q  
r keyCodes.R  
s keyCodes.S  
t keyCodes.T  
u keyCodes.U  
v keyCodes.V  
w keyCodes.W  
x keyCodes.X  
y keyCodes.Y  
z keyCodes.Z  
1 keyCodes.ONE  
2 keyCodes.TWO  
3 keyCodes.THREE  
4 keyCodes.FOUR  
5 keyCodes.FIVE  
6 keyCodes.SIX  
7 keyCodes.SEVEN  
8 keyCodes.EIGHT  
9 keyCodes.NINE  
0 keyCodes.ZERO  
tab keyCodes.TAB  
open_bracket keyCodes.OPEN_BRACKET [
closed_bracket keyCodes.CLOSED_BRACKET ]
back_slash keyCodes.BACK_SLASH \
semicolon keyCodes.SEMICOLON ;
quotes keyCodes.QUOTES
comma keyCodes.COMMA ,
period keyCodes.PERIOD .
forward_slash keyCodes.FORWARD_SLASH /

For more information on what keys are supported by the phaser library click HERE

Phaser Library

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