This method will get a character instance from the game state. Allowing you to then modify or review that character’s data. ​


type: string - The type of characters to get, ie. player, wizards, goblins.

id: string - A unique character id, ie. player1, player2, goblin3. ​


character: object - The character data that was retrieved from the game state. ​


This method can be used anywhere, but MUST be called with a valid id! To check if your id is valid try using the following code:

Note: replace {type} with the type of character and {id} with the id you are testing.

const idIsValid = {id} in this.state.{type};
// This will equal true if the id is valid.


Example 1

// File: code/server/rooms/room.js
onMessage(client, data) {
	const player = g.getACharacter('players', client.sessionId);

Example 2

// File: code/server/rooms/room.js
onUpdate() {
	const id = "skywalker";
	if (id in this.state.jedis) {
		const jedi = g.getACharacter('jedis', id);


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