This method will check if when a character moves they will run into a barrier.


object: object - The game object you want to move.

axis: string - x or y axis of movement.

distance: number - How far you want to move along the given axis.


{ validMove, fallbackPos } - This tells if the move is valid, and if not, gives the character a fallback position to move to instead.


You should use this method when trying to set up Character interaction with barriers, in order to check and see when they run into one. ​


Example 1

File code/server/rooms/room.js
onMessage(client, data) {
	const  player = g.getACharacter('players', client.sessionId);
	const actions = {
		moveUp: () => {
			let newMove = g.checkBarriers(player, 'y', -speed);
			if (newMove.validMove) {
				player.y -= speed;
			} else {
				player.y = newMove.fallbackPos;
	g.handleActions(actions, data);


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